Spring at Trout Creek, Wilderness Park

March 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

We all loaded up in the car this week on a beautiful spring day and took our little family over to Trout Creek - one of several areas associated with Wilderness Park here in Hillsborough County.  Jimbo and Abby are just about always ready to go for a car ride and wait to see where we stop.  Rue jumps right into the car with the big dogs and is ready to go.  Ollie, being the smallest of the group (although heavier than Rue), always hesitates.  I've taken to just picking her up and putting her in the car - she seems fine with that. Probably a habit I don't want long term - but haven't figured out why she doesn't care to jump in when she can jump on our bed which is a lot higher!

As we pile out of the car (I'm sure it's a sight to see) with all four dogs - we headed over to the river and saw this beautiful overlook.  It was a cool, lovely morning and very few were here.

We walked on over to the area where the boat launch is - lurking on the other side of the river was an alligator - so no stopping there nor getting close to the water.  Time to cross over the parking lot to the other side away from the water.  We decided to take the nature trail.  It was light and airy with all the oak trees covering the walkway for the trail.  The dogs loved it - we were the only ones on the trail at this time.

Here's another darker version of the same photo, I prefer the darker image - what about you?  Feel free to leave a comment and let us know.

So our trail started with palmettos and oak trees (which are very heavy on pollen right now). Jim had the little dogs, I had the big dogs.  Ollie and Rue didn't stop as much for smells as Jimbo and Abby - so they got a little bit ahead of us.

Here's our crew stopped at the sign leading the direction for the nature trail - a jumble of leashes!

As we continued along the walk, the palmettos disappear and are replaced with ferns.  The trees are more diverse, not just the scrub oak trees.

We came upon a dead tree, but didn't find any woodpeckers there.  Then we saw the downed pine tree, and Ollie thought it was the perfect perch to see what the big dogs can see!

Rue didn't seem to have the same sense of adventure to jump up on the tree log.

And Jimbo, well - he's the only boy of the group and the elder for sure - so he just waited patiently but didn't care to have any photos taken.  Get out in nature while it's beautiful weather and Let your mind wander as you walk down this trail and enjoy nature!


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