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March 09, 2018  •  5 Comments

This past weekend I noticed another photographer at our local park - it's two blocks from my house and just about every day (as long as I am in town), one of my dogs will take me down the road to this park.  As I walked my little foster puppies around this park, I watched this photographer as he posed the two adults with a medium sized white dog.  The adults were lying down on the ground with their dog in the middle.  This all looked interesting, but I smiled as I saw the photographer trying to get the dog's attention by throwing some of the oak pollen pieces into the air (I couldn't tell that it was working - but who knows).  I did notice that the dog was very interested in my little girls even as we stayed a good distance - I decided that if I was going to help them at all, I needed to be directly behind the photographer even though I was probably at least 50 feet away.  Oh well, hopefully he got the photographs.

As we move into this week's theme for pet photography, the theme is simplicity.  I often think that the less 'busy' a photograph is, the easier it is for the viewer to stay focused on the subject.  A simplistic photograph, in the general sense, can be a difficult task - I looked at many different links as I googled through trying to come up with ideas for this week.  I realized that in some ways, I prefer the simple photographs but wasn't sure that I necessarily applied that to my pet photography.  Photographing pets is something that I love to do - each pet is different - each animal is different - whether it will be a photograph that fits into this theme - well, that's another question isn't it?

Here's an image from a while back, I used one of the watercolor options within the Topaz Impression software to create a simple yet beautiful image of this little dachshund.

The next photograph is one of my favorites of a young puppy at one of the adoption events that finally laid down with it's head on paws, tired from a long day of attending the outdoor event.

For more 'Minimalist' pet photographs head over to visit Ashley Blacker Photography Photographing throughout Scotland and then head around the rest of the blog circle.

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I once was in our local park (not devoted to being a dog park) and helped a wedding photog by holding a large reflector which kept blowing over in the wind. I wonder if I can put that on my resume as second assistant? Probably not. Cute models for this week's theme!
I like your examples. I swear I have photographed that puppy's brother from another mother - LOL. Sweet, sweet face.
Such cute models! Good looking out for that other photographer. When I'm at dog themed events taking photos I always try to help out the people trying to get photos of their dogs with their cell phones. I usually have a squeaker with me. :)
Sam Adele(non-registered)
Haha I love that you tried to help the other photographer! Those puppy eyes are gorgeous!
Kelly Middlebrooks(non-registered)
That was so nice of you to help that photographer! I hope karma repays you 10 fold. ;)
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