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Pet Photography inspiration

Photography is what we do. Pet photography is our chosen specialization.  Our first dog rescue, Dolly, was and is our inspiration.  We knew Dolly was special, she loved life and enjoyed sharing it with others.  Everyone told us she was a very special dog – it was not until she was no longer with us that I began to totally understand what everyone was telling us.  It’s been several years now, but Dolly was our model client for our first experience in pet photography.  She was wonderful, and we cherish all the wonderful photos and moments.

We now share our home with two rescue dogs, Jimbo and Abby. We also share our home with two rescued cats, Dillon and Torie.


We have many years of experience in various types of photography.  Our photographs have been enjoyed by friends and family and now, after spending more than 30 years working in the corporate world, we are full time photographers.

Our initial experience in pet photography started with Dolly and her friends.  Dolly had many canine friends and they came over to play and be photographed.   .


Working with animals is always a challenge and this is what we love about it.  A photography session can be carefully laid out, but regardless of those plans, things change along the way as needed because every animal is unique.  We spend time with your pet playing, getting kisses, petting, massaging, whatever they love to do.  Often photography sessions take longer to get those special moments so we leave plenty of time between our client sessions.

Giving back

We volunteer our services to rescue organizations to help homeless animals. Currently, we volunteer photography services for Maxx and Me Rescue and Rescue Teamsters. We assist other rescues as needed.  I am a member of Hearts Speak, where no animal should go without a good photograph to assist in finding their forever home.   In addition, we volunteer at the local community garden.


VP Shoots Photography owners Linda Perdue and Jim Vargas, live in Temple Terrace, Florida.

Bio - Linda Perdue
I started in photography as a child, advancing to 35mm in high school and earning the Bryn Alan Student Photography Award while in high school. Now, after many years of photography using film, we use Nikon DSLRs and film has faded into the past. My photography covers a life span of shooting with focus on outdoors (landscape, flowers and wildlife), children, and animals (including pets). More recently I have ventured into sharing stories with my photography and pet photography.  Other pastime activities include genealogy, boating, gardening and hiking.

Bio - Jim Vargas
Patiently waiting seconds for the card to read/write and  the camera to display a photo is when I realized capturing occurrences that unfold before the shutter could bring so much enjoyment. As time progressed from that first 1/125th sec click - I was in - refining a hobby into a more serious passion.


My other activities that allow more opportunities to shoot include - Riding my Harley, boating, diving, fishing, flying, hiking and on the softer side - gardening, writing,  pets and children.