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March 16, 2018  •  9 Comments

This week's pet photography theme is "favorite song".  I've thought a lot about this and gone through lots of songs that are my favorites - starting back in the days of my childhood where songs like "Black and White", "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", "Though the Years", 'Yesterday", "If" were songs I really love and still do - and when the song comes on whether the radio or live music - funny how all those words you memorized decades ago come back with such ease. 

Next, I thought about songs that I pulled together more recently as I loved the lyrics, music and these songs are "Circle of Life", "Home", "I Love You This Big", "Please Remember Me"....and as I think about all these songs, I realize that each of them has lyrics that mean something to me...whether that is some little part of the song or the entire song, or maybe even just the song title.

I also realized, I don't have a single favorite song, so this blog post is featuring some of my "favorite songs". I'm going to give you a throwback song, by a well known country artist, I hear the song in my head...."On the road again"...and here is Ollie guest starring for this song!


All of us that love and care for our pets, know that they have a shorter life than we do and there are many great memories along the way, but then one day no more new memories are created.  This is the case for a friend a while back and I captured this moment in time because I've never experienced such a moment as we completed the good bye for one furry friend, another takes a few moments to pay his respects.

Alaska came to my friend as a senior rescue dog who was expected to have a short time before he crossed the rainbow.  He flourished at her home with all the canine buddies and had many happy moments as a senior.  We remember all those that cross our paths, "Please Remember Me".  This song has been recorded by Tim McGraw ( and Scotty McCreery (  Here are the links to their songs on You Tube. 

All our tears have reached the sea,Part of you will live in me, Way down deep inside my heart, The days keep coming without fail
New wind is gonna find your sail, That's where your journey starts

You'll find better love, Strong as it ever was, Deep as the river runs, Warm as the morning sun, Please remember me


Remember me when you're out walking, When snow falls high outside your door, Late at night when you're not sleeping, And moonlight falls across your floor, And I can't hurt you anymore


Please remember me

Songwriters: Rodney Crowell / Will Jennings

Please Remember Me lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

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Wonderful lyrics and your photos just go so very well. Very moving. Reminded me of my old pups Bella and Teddy. Lovely!
Love the first image and perfect for that song! Beautiful tribute to Alaska. Love everything about this post!
Great photos. You’re so right about making the most of while they’re here. Love the first image and song...on the road again
Beautifully written. Great photos!
A very touching tribute to Alaska. Definitely the only flaw our pets have is they are never with us long enough. Love that photo of Ollie!
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