How does it all work?


We believe memories are precious and what better way to capture and remember those moments than with a professional photography session?  We specialize in on-location lifestyle pet photography, capturing your pet’s personality in photographs.  Pets have become very important and cherished members of many people’s families – if you’re viewing our website, that means yours are too!  Whether you’re looking for professional photographs of your pet(s) or perhaps a family portrait including your pet(s) – we can help.


Choosing your photographer

Once you have decided to have professional photographs created of your pet(s), you must find the right photographer for you.  If your pet is a cat, we recommend the photography session be held at your home.  For dogs, our photography is often taken outdoors, at your home, a park or other chosen location.  We can also do sessions at your home in a studio like environment.  We specialize in life-style photography, not the typical ‘studio portrait’ (although we can do those also).  We can make special arrangements if your pet is elderly, handicapped or sick to capture great photographs within the comfort of your pet’s environment.  Check out our Pet Portfolio and if you like what you see, you’ve found your photographers!   


Booking your session

If we are photographing in an outdoor session, we typically book our sessions for early morning or later in the day (4 to 5 pm) depending on the season.  Often times we can do earlier or later depending on the length of daylight hours.  These times give the best natural light to photograph, particularly when doing outdoor photography.  However, if these times don’t work, we can find great shaded areas or use window light within your home.  If we are doing an indoor session, the time of day is less important from a 'great lighting' perspective.

When you’re ready to book a session, email us at [email protected] or call us at 813-610-2671.  We require a signed model release before your session in order to share your photographs on our website and social media to continue growing our business.  If you need to reschedule your session in the event of inclement (bad) weather or illness, we’re happy to do so, but we ask you to give us as much notice as possible.


Before your session

First, you’ll need to choose your location.  Home is always the recommended location for cats. Dogs often do well at parks although I’d recommend a park that is not extremely dog busy at the time of day your photography session is scheduled (less distractions allow for better photographs).  It’s your decision for your location and where you and your pet(s) will be the most comfortable.  If you need help, we can determine a location together.

Things to think about before the session:

  • Does your dog need grooming? (In need of a haircut? Or brushing?)
  • Clean their eyes
  • Trim nails?

It’s often helpful to allow your dog a little walking and exploring time before we start a photography session, although it will depend on you and your dog.  An energetic dog might be more relaxed, but not so much that they are hot and panting.   If you have any favorite props that you want photographed with your pet, please bring them but they are not necessary.

If you will be in the photographs, consider your clothing along with your pet’s fur color as you don’t want to clash but blend together nicely.

Getting your photos

Within two weeks (sometimes days) we will email you a link to your own private online proofing gallery! Our website allows you to order prints and specialty products.

Currently for the photography session we accept cash, checks, zelle and paypal.  For prints and specialty products ordered from our website, all major credit cards are accepted.