Nature's Classroom

September 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It's been many years since I was a 6th grader, but I still remember our week at Nature's Classroom.  It is a really cool place where we got to go fishing for shrimp, target practice with bow & arrow, learn about the various things in our outdoor classroom.  A while back, there was an open to the public day at Nature's Classroom and I wanted to recall those childhood memories.  I don't really remember all the details from childhood, but I did enjoy the walk through the woods on a newly built boardwalk as well as viewing of the various wildlife.

I love owls, so having the opportunity to photograph these was fun.  Here's the great horned owl.

And little screech owls...

They also had several different types of raptors.  This one is missing an eye which is why it resides here.

And they have deer....

There are many things for the children to do so if you see an opportunity to visit on a public access day - it may be a wonderful outing for you and your children.



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