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September 22, 2017  •  5 Comments

This week’s Pet Photography theme is “Eyes” which in the world of dogs, are typically some shade of brown but there are occasions, when you run into a blue eyed puppy!  Yes - I got the opportunity to photograph some darling puppies this week and this little girl has blue eyes.

Many of you know, I do a lot of dog rescue photography for a local dog rescue.  This litter of puppies is among those that are within the care of our dog rescue.  Photographing them was a total fun event - but it was obvious that these little pups really just wanted to be held.  Course, we did a lot of that, but that wasn't our goal in getting great photographs to find them homes.  Eventually, we put this little girl in a little basket and covered it with a blue blanket.  She has a lot of different expressions as we tried to capture her personality.  Many of the photos show her fear, uncertainty and other emotions that must come when she is separated from her siblings.

Ear back, eyes piercing - she is afraid.  This was at the beginning of our shoot.

Little bit of talking and a side ways glance at the camera as she still isn't sure about this whole event she has been signed up for.

She is getting a little more comfortable now, but still giving us a look (she is precious and never did anything but give us the look).

Is this closer to what you people are looking for?  There were three of us photographing her and working with her while she was the only puppy out at the moment. Course, staying still wasn't her best attribute and she quickly learned how to move faster than I could get the focus locked on her eyes.

Finally she learned how to get out of the basket and it was tipped over so she sat on the blanket with a little encouragement.  In case you're curious, here's her sister.  This sister learned how to get out of the basket in record time making it very challenging for us.

And her other sister who has a bit more red to her fur than her sister siblings.  This little sister was an absolute ham for the camera and very happy to sit there letting us photograph her!

And last, their brother who looks nothing like her sisters!

For more 'eyes' pet photographs head over to visit Cahlean of About A Dog Photography and then head around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here.

If you would like to book a custom pet portrait session, send an email to [email protected] or give us a call at 813-610-2671 in the Tampa Bay area (Florida).  Special discount if you're looking for an 'end of life' portrait.


I'm in LOVE with these puppy faces and the EYES! I want them all! Beautiful captures of those baby blues. I bet they already found forever homes! Beautiful work!
I'm so jealous of all those darling puppies you got to photograph. We've had a lot of senior dogs come through the shelter where I volunteer; they have an expression in their eyes so different than that of puppies, but still so wonderful. Absolutely great job this week!
Beautiful puppies! Nice work, Linda! You can ship the little black and white guy my way. LOL.
Oh my gosh, I want all of them!!! If I could only have one it would be the blue eyed puppy!
Kim Hollis(non-registered)
Puppies are a challenge to photograph. You did a great job. These photos and the puppies are adorable and I'm sure they'll help them get adopted. Here's hoping they find their forever homes soon. They're cuties!
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