Flowers in the garden, seems it is spring here already!

February 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Thus far we have had another mild winter, the plants seem a bit confused and many are putting out their spring leaves and flowers already.  I guess I am a little confused also, not wanting to yet trim things back, yet we are all running around in shorts most of the time.  Flower photography has long been one of my favorite things - going back many years, the magical wonders of a flower up close has always been one thing I have captured by camera.  

All of these flower photographs were taken with a polaroid 'product table' that I received as a Christmas gift last year.  This allows me to have more control on the lighting of the flower as well as not having to deal with wind that sometimes causes blur on the photographs.  To show off the color of these flowers, I placed a black background behind them.

This particular flowering bush has been here growing on my property longer than I have lived here (and that's a few decades now).  The delicate flower that most people probably dismiss as a 'purple flower' has so many interesting parts.  The center piece has a little fuzz on it and there are several delicate center parts to this flower (on the right of this image).

The back side of this flower is just as delicate.

This next flower, I confess, I bought this plant just to photograph the flower.  It is light pink chrysanthemum.  I placed a light shining into the flower to light it up allowing it to 'glow'.

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