Florida State Fair, 2017

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This past week the Florida State Fair came to a close for the year 2017.  We went just before the end of the fair run this year to enjoy some of the sites and for me, it's always a treat to get some night time photography in.  It's fun to see all the rides and lights of all the vendors and things as we walked along.  Our arrival was shortly before sunset. One of the first photographs of the evening, shooting across the pond as the sun dropped below the horizon. The sky had a wonderful golden glow making for a great silhouette of the ferris wheel and sky ride.

We waited until dark before we went over to the midway - I carried my tripod waiting for this moment.  Here are several images of the 'giant ferris wheel' that took days to put together and was still being assembled after the fair opened.  Now several days after the fair has ended, it still sits high in the sky waiting to be taken apart.  Many people were out in the paddle boats on the 'lake' as seen here in the reflection of the giant ferris wheel.

The only ride I wanted to do was the sky ride - why?  Because you get to see all the lights of the fair from a different viewpoint and watch all the people from above.  Course, the funny thing here is, I am afraid of heights....so here I am with a friend riding the sky ride and we are both afraid of heights.  I decided the best remedy for me was to take some photographs and avoid thinking about the fact that we were sitting in the air with our feet dangling.  Jim rode on the chair behind us as he had all his toys and needed most of the seat to set them down.

So this ends another year of the fair - and now people can head on over to the strawberry festival if they didn't get enough of the rides and 'fair/carnival food'.

For more photographs of night time at the fair, go to http://www.vpshoots.com/statefair



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