Upper Tampa Bay Park

January 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We stopped in this park for a brief visit last week and returned this week to actually spend some time enjoying the trails.  Upper Tampa Bay park is located in the Oldsmar area - west Hillsborough Avenue then a turn onto Double Branch with just a short drive down to the park.  The park is located on several acres of land that include typical central Florida landscapes but also provides an opportunity to see areas with mangroves and rent a canoe or kayak should you be inclined (we had Jimbo with us, so we did not).  Dogs are allowed in this park for our canine friends.

When we arrived to the first trail, we were greeted by a prescribed (controlled) burn that was still going next to a pine tree and still smoking in several areas.

The pine cones lay on the ground among all the burned ash of the pine needles and undergrowth.

We walked a couple of trails, but the more interesting trail to us is the "Eagle Trail" that leads out to the bay.  Along the way, there are many dead pine trees - and we hear the familiar sound of a wood pecker.  Stopping, we finally found the pileated woodpecker and set up our camera to capture a photo.

There are several boardwalks - one on the Eagle trail across marsh near the bay.

Low tide, we didn't walk down the steps.  Raccoon tracks were everywhere in the mud flats and appeared to be very busy earlier as we didn't see any while looking out at the bay.

To view more photos taken at Upper Tampa Bay, click here: www.vpshoots.com/uppertampabay



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