Cats - those wonderful furry animals that own you!

January 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

If you 'own' a cat or have ever owned a cat, then you know that often you're actually the one being owned. Over the holidays I had the opportunity to photograph several different cats in their homes doing what they liked best.  Here's the best of those photography sessions.

This beautiful cat, Midnight, was enjoying the view as he laid down next to the sliding glass door.  Just before I headed out the door, I noticed how beautiful the lighting and the soft colors framed Midnight - I quickly dropped to the floor so that I was on his level and proceeded to take several photographs.


As I spend more time photographing animals I noticed that I am spending a lot more time on the floor!  Getting down to the same level so you are not shooting down on the animals makes for a much better photograph.  This is also true for many other subjects, but particularly true for animals and children.  There are exceptions, and here is one of them.

Sometimes, it's better just to catch the cat laying around and then make some kind of noises to get them to look at you.  Here's a beautiful orange tabby with striking green eyes.

Other times, you can take a blanket or background drop and put it on a piece of furniture and the cat's natural curiosity will take them right to the spot that you want them to go.  Then, just wait for the cat to settle in and you're ready to start taking photographs.




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