Riverhills Park - sometimes you need to see what's close to home

September 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Riverhills Park is on the Florida birding trail and if one takes the time to enjoy the park, you'll know why.  Over the years I have taken my camera down to this park just a few blocks from our house and photographed whatever I find.  I've done this for many years and still see different and sometimes amazing things at this park.

Osprey's are all over this section of the river.  This particular photograph was taken while we were boating, but there are nests close enough to the shore that you can view them from the park itself.

For the quiet times at the park, you can find the anhinga bird drying it's wings after swimming.  This is the bird that pops it's head out of the water before diving back under to swim and hunt for food.  Most of the time this bird has it's back to my camera - this one was nice enough to face the camera.  The sun was low in the afternoon providing a fair amount of backlighting on the anhinga.

The great egret takes flight among the cypress trees on the river.  These birds are somewhat common, but are only at the park when the people are not there or are few in numbers.  Catch them there in the early morning hours or while boating on the river.

With the introduction of the Temple Terrace Community Garden, bluebirds are now here.  I have never seen these in the park until about 2013 and was absolutely thrilled!  They are such beautiful blue color on their backs - I love seeing them flying around.  

If you're not into birds, yes - we have these too, the alligator.  This particular one was being fed by humans and was way to friendly.  Unfortunately when this happens, the alligator pays the price - DEATH.  It's against the law to feed these animals but seems to many humans can't seem to leave them alone.  The animal trappers have taken this one away, but there are others for sure - just not any as bold as this one to come right up to you as you walk on the boardwalk.

The sunsets here at the park are beautiful - so if you're in the area when the sun is setting, be sure to take a few moments to look and see if this is one of the fantastic sunsets we have here in Florida!


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