"I will lift up my eyes to the hills..." - Pretty Place, South Carolina

September 18, 2016  •  1 Comment

Pretty Place, South Carolina is beautiful.  A friend of ours recommended we visit here while on vacation in South Carolina and it was definitely a sight to visit and photograph.  The site is located at the YMCA Camp Greenville, South Carolina.  It's a long drive up to the top of the mountain not to far from Ceasar's Head State Park.  A couple of things to keep in mind should you decide to visit this beautiful overlook.  The first, you are looking east when you visit - so if you want to see a beautiful sun coming up - this is a great place to see it.  When I googled, I was not able to find anything that told me what direction I would be looking.  The second, this is not a dog friendly place.  However, upon arriving, I did find that we could have brought our dog, left the car running, and he would have been fine in the car - so if you're on the road and want to take this option I think you will be fine (just keep the dog in the car).  The address is: 100 YMCA Camp Rd, Cleveland, SC 29635 and the GPS Coordinates are: 35°8'1" N 82°34'31" W.  The elevation is 2857.6 feet  (course, that's the height I was holding the camera, not ground level so it might actually be a few feet lower).  Adobe Lightroom Map feature shows the location of photographs I took while in this area.  The actual name of this chapel is Fred W. Symmes Chapel.

We arrived at Pretty Place and we could see the mountains through the chapel.

The chapel is not huge, but does have a beautiful view (and a bathroom should you need one!). The photo below is an HDR image that allows for seeing the inside of the chapel as well as the mountain view.  The dark areas on the mountains were created by cloud cover up above.  This was the initial view of the mountain overlook as we walked inside the chapel.

When you get to the front of the chapel, there is a stone wall on the outside with several memorial stones on top of the stone wall.

The view at the stone wall.  I can't imagine what this would be like at sunrise or sunset, but there are photographs on the internet that show what it looks like and it's beautiful.  I personally think I would find the drive up there in the dark (or back down) to be nerve wrecking.  I'm not the best mountain driver nor passenger.

Standing behind the cross and looking back into the chapel.

Jim and I stayed here for a good hour.  We setup our tripods and camera and took pictures in between the people that would come and go having spent only a few minutes here.  Sometimes we need to just stop and enjoy the things here on earth as you never know when it will no longer be there to view.

"I will lift up my eyes to the hills..." Psalm 121:1

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