Pet Photography and Pet Sitting - Meet Kit Kat

August 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I spent the last few days cat sitting a cute young manx cat named "Kit Kat".  Her favorite things to do are playing with her toys and hanging out by the doors watching the world outside.  As we played, she allowed me to capture these cute portraits of her.  These photographs were taken using natural light coming from french doors during the early afternoon.

Pet photography is fast becoming an expanding market as people include their pets in more of their lives and things they do.  That goes mostly for dogs as they travel better in many cases, although I have met people that say their cats travel great cross-country when they have two homes.  

If anyone local to the Tampa area needs Pet Photography (we do humans too), or pet sitting let us know - perhaps we can provide those services for you.  For photographs including your cat with the family or just some precious photographs of your cat, we will come to your home and photograph as they are most comfortable at home.

Here's Kit Kat ......Wearing her snake toy like a scarf...

Taking a break for a photograph (or maybe the snake toy was playing dead because I picked up the camera?)

Kit KatKit Kat

Kit KatKit Kat

So long, what's outside is now more interesting....

Until next time....


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