Lynx - Tall Ship in St. Petersburg

February 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Sunday morning we visited the Lynx, a 1812 tall ship replica.  The ship was anchored in St. Petersburg at the Harborage Marina just south of the USF campus.  As we approached the ship at the end of the dock, a few people were moving about as the flag flew in the gentle breeze.

Looking up one of the tall mast for the sail.  The mast is made of wood as well as the rings around the mast which spread apart as the sail is raised.

The flag in 1812 had 15 stars (quite a few less than today's flag).  The sponge on the rope to the right of the flag is to keep the sail from rubbing on the rope when it is raised.

We were not allowed to tour the kitchen, but this is what was visible from the steep staircase downward to the cooking galley.  The only food we could see was potatoes - and there were quite a few of those!

This is another area that was below the main deck of the ship.

This area shows the books (many are related to ships, boats, etc).  To the left was a small bunk for few people to sleep (these were small, not for those having issues with closed in places).  On the right side was a table for sitting around as well as a couple more bunks for crew to sleep.

The sign provided a little information on the Lynx Tall ship.


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