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Catch a dragonfly sitting on a plant and sunbathing is one of the wonders of the insect world.  Seeing the little details of them requires patience along with a good camera or binoculars.  Dragonflies eat those pesky little mosquitoes - so having them in your garden can be a wonderful sight.  They can eat a large volume of mosquitoes in a single day, some more than 100 a day - a natural mosquito control system.  Adult dragonflies do not bite nor sting humans, so they are not to be feared.  However, it has been stated that the little nymphs are capable of delivering a painful but harmless bite so watch out for them.

Dragonflies have large eyes that give them incredible vision in almost every direction, except directly behind them.  With this exceptional vision, it's hard to come up on a dragonfly without them being aware of you.  Early morning, if dew is covering their wings, they are not able to fly until they are dry.  Getting a good picture of dragonflies can be done at this time of day.  The other choice, wait patiently for them to land (or even harder, catch them in flight!).

Here's a few close-ups of a dragonfly that landed in our backyard by our pond.

Delicate wings allow this creature to fly. 'Bug eyes', little legs, all make up this wonderful creature that eats other bugs.



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