Lowry Park Zoo - Zooper Pass for 2016

March 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Hi Everyone!  This past week we went to Lowry Park Zoo located in Tampa, Florida and photographed some of the animals.  Lowry Park Zoo has a new pass called the 'Zooper Pass'.  If you purchase a one day admission to the zoo, you can get a Zooper Pass that will allow you to visit the zoo for the rest of the year with a few blackout time periods.  This is a good deal if you like to visit the zoo!

My favorite picture from this particular shoot was of the elephant who 'performed' for her snacks.  Several of the zoo personal have taught the elephant to do various 'tricks' and if she does them, she gets a snack.  If she doesn't, then they move on to the next 'trick' and for each trick she does, she gets a snack (favorite food).  Strangely enough, this is similar to what I have done with our dog, Jimbo.

For this picture, I used the On1 Photo Layers product to remove the background and replace it with a simple background to allow the elephant to 'shine'.  Here's the final picture after I made all my changes.

The original photo is shown here.  Which do you like the best?

To see more photos from our Lowry Park Zoo visit, visit our gallery under 'Nature and Wildlife'.





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