Pet Photography - Dogs with People - behind the scenes of a photo shoot

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This week's theme for Pet Photography is "Dogs with People".  In my blog this week, I took a different approach than many people might take - I am showing photographs that show how a person (in this case, my other half) handles the dog while I am doing the photographs.  I'll admit that he is much better at handling our dogs for photos than I am - so it works better this way - they just listen to him better (or maybe they just know they can't get away with as much).  Either way, here's some photographs that show you the before (with a person) and the after (without the person).

Initially out of the camera, Abby is standing on the bottom of a slide with leash and Jim hanging onto her.  We pull the leash up and away from the body to make it easier to remove the leash.  Often times I also take a photograph of the scene without anything in it to make an easier removal job of objects not wanted in the final photograph.

Without a person.

The final photograph cropped in and final adjustments have been made.

Now Abby is the best when it comes to doing various things for photographs - it's like she knew that was going to be her role in our dog family.  We have several other dogs as well - Ollie is the next best model.  Rue is definitely the one that just doesn't want to do it - it shows in her 'dog with person' photographs.

It's a rainy week day up on the Suwannee River - no one is around.  Let's see if we can get Rue to do a "Sit - Stay" command (Rue has a mind of her own and doesn't want to work for the treats).  Jim is simply bending over Rue and Rue is sitting there like she has been disciplined.

Jim steps away just outside the frame.  Well, she still doesn't look relaxed, but at least we got something!

For more pet photographers sharing their take on this theme, head over to visit Darlene Woodward with Pant the Town Photography serving MA and NH and then head around the rest of the blog circle.

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