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April 26, 2019  •  4 Comments

This week the theme is "play time" and with that said, these types of photographs are typically snapshots when I take them.  They are the times that perhaps you want to remember, but they aren't the posed portrait type photographs.  I believe that for our dogs, happy time is anytime that they are with us - it doesn't matter if they are laying at my feet on the floor while I am on the computer, snuggled up with us in the bed or out playing - just being with us makes them happy.  Having said that, there are a few other times I know they are happy!  Play time is when they are free to run around and do what they want.

Jimbo is my senior dog and as a former Bahamas street dog trying to survive, he didn't learn a lot of 'play' skills.  He still will run some with other dogs, but now just prefers to hang with the humans.  Jimbo when he was a bit younger and still loved running with other dogs.

Jimbo playing at the dog parkJimbo playing at the dog parkJimbo running and playing at the dog park

A game of chase is always fun.

When Abby was younger, she played well with other dogs - now, as she matured she mostly plays with her pack at home.  Loved the pool at the dog park, but can't get her to play in one at home!

If you tell Abby it's time to go before she is ready.....

Abby loves running (with her 'cousin' Korra).

Most recently, I think they all find 'play time' when we go up to the Suwannee river property and they can run free on the acre of property.  Jimbo has had that privilege for a number of years having shown that he is a responsible senior dog.  Abby, Ollie and Rue just got this privilege earlier this year after having shown they will stay close and return immediately when called.  What does this amount to? Play time without leashes, fences, etc.

So there you have it, happy time with the 'Perdue-Vargas' clan of dogs!

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Tracy Allard(non-registered)
Nice, candid action shots - that's a sweet pack you've got!
Such a beautiful, happy pack! Abby in the pool is too adorable.
They look soo HAPPY! Nothing wrong with capturing these fun moments as snapshots :) Joyful pups!
Abby in the pool is adorable! I can't get any of our guys to go in the pool, but they will run through a mud puddle anytime they can. Go figure!
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