Sunset at Shell Mound, Cedar Key

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While away from home, we decided to catch a sunset - the question was, where?  Well, we did what everyone else does these days and asked Google.  We needed to find a place that wasn't to far, perhaps no more than an hour from where we currently were, but yet provided us a view of the Gulf of Mexico.  My immediate thoughts were Steinhatchee, Florida or Cedar Key, Florida - each were about an hour in different directions.  While the sunset in Steinhatchee is beautiful, we have been going to this little fishing town for a couple of decades.  Cedar Key, on the other hand, we hadn't been to in years, nor had we seen and photographed a sunset there.  Upon consulting Google, there was a very high recommendation to go to "Shell Mound" for the sunset in Cedar Key - stated to be the 'best place' in Cedar Key to catch the sunset.  We weren't disappointed.  It was a crisp day with temperatures failing into the 40's and I am sure they were headed to the 30's once the sun set.

Shell Mound is popular enough that there are brown markers helping to show you the way - perhaps another day I will find out what Shell Mound is all about.  But for now, I will share a beautiful sunset with you!  We arrived at the end of the dirt road that said "Shell Mound".  We jumped out of the truck, leashed up the dogs and walked to the edge of the water - wow, someone left a little rowboat on the shoreline - how sweet!  A beautiful boardwalk to the left,, a little rowboat in front, the swamp areas covered with those razor sharp plants that you don't want to touch (but fine for photographing!).

Tire tracks lead to the little rowboat - photograph taken shortly before the sunset. This photograph was taken at 5:48pm.

When you see these clouds, you need to stay and watch the light show AFTER the actual sunset because it is going to be beautiful! This photograph was taken at 6:08pm. Sunset was at 6:09pm in Cedar Key on this day.

This photograph was taken at 6:12pm.

Shortly after this photograph, we noticed that the temperatures were starting to drop more and it was time to head back as we had just over an hour to drive to get back to where we were staying.  But, wow - this was worth it!  Thank you Google!!!



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