Pet Photography - Road Warrior

February 22, 2019  •  5 Comments

This week's theme, Road Warrior, features Abby who loves to hit the road (actually, all the dogs do).  I'm blessed that all of our dogs (including our beloved Dolly who is no longer with us) LOVE to go places in the car.  We don't have issues with car sickness, barking, winning or other potential common dog car travelling issues.  They are all just wonderful road warriors.  Abby's preference has always been to sit in the front seat and she will look at you like "Why not?".  I tell her, no - you just set off the alarm for the seat belt not being fastened (she doesn't understand).  Abby is the most attentive of the various things flying by in the car windows - it takes her the longest to figure out, this is a road trip - it's going to be a while, you might want to get comfortable.

A short road trip has us packing the dogs in like people do with a bunch of kids!  I now have a better understanding of what it is like to have a large family with lots of little ones for sure.  The big dogs are always in the back -- so before we go someplace, they have to scramble into the back seat.  A long road trip has us making the entire back seat a bed for the dogs. I seem to remember my parents doing that for us when we were little - before the days of video games, movies and whatever else people are doing on those little electronic devices today.

We get to our road stop and Abby hangs out on the dirt road - at this point, we have posed her to 'own this road' - no one can get past until we move (but there wasn't anyone there, so we didn't have any issues).

After we get to pose for the camera, she decided to come trotting to get her treat.  For photos like these, I try to ensure I capture the tail whether it is swinging to the side or up high - it adds to the overall completeness of a dog (unless they don't have a tail).

Until our next road trip, signing off....

For more pet photographers sharing their take on this theme, head over to visit Kim with BARKography based in Charlotte NC and traveling the US and Canada and then head around the rest of the blog circle.

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Tracy Allard(non-registered)
I love her white chest and feet; so cute and such an adorable face! Abby calls "shotgun" on the passenger seat!
Abby is so very adorable... I just want to hug her! Love her freckled nose.
Angela Schneider(non-registered)
Abby does a great job of owning that road.
I love Abby's expression sitting there on the road! I think she is already thinking about that treat.
Abby is adorable!
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