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July 27, 2018  •  2 Comments

Big Sky - well, to me this means something really nice in the sky whether that is a great sunrise, sunset or just a pretty nice set of clouds.  However, this is just not the week that it will be easy to get anything like that - it's raining, gray, overcast most of this week.  Worse yet, it's sunny and then within five minutes it's raining!  Sometimes in the middle of our walks - but as long as it is just rain with no thunder, we just keep walking as it is a welcome break from the hot summers here in Florida.

I'm amazed that Florida is the sunshine state - as I've paid more attention to what the sky looks like because I am looking for specific types of lighting for my photography I have come to realize that we actually have a LOT of gray, overcast days.  Don't get me wrong, I like overcast skies for a lot of my photography - but just where does the 'sunshine' part come in?

This is what our 'big sky' looks like right now - gray, clouds and about to rain.

Here's a photo of Abby watching a sunset on a better 'sun' evening but still wasn't our best as the weather is not cooperating.

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Tracy Allard(non-registered)
I used to live in FL and remember a lot of overcast/gray days so I feel for ya. Right now I'd kill for some gray skies! We're getting fried here in north Texas :(.
Lynda Mowat(non-registered)
I can sympathise with the rain! We got drenched the other day on our walk! It wasn’t the week for interesting skies here either, but the dogs don’t mind donthey?! Abby looks to be having fun
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