Outdoor Kitty

June 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Our neighborhood has a great number of feral cats that I can only assume started because people dumped cats at the park two blocks away and eventually they started having families.  I know many years ago our dog found a very small kitten that was very sick at the park and we had her for many years before having to say good bye earlier this year.  Now, another tuxedo kitty is hanging out in our yard a good bit although he is actually more our neighbors cat.  Early one morning this past week he was curled up next to a tree in our yard and I had my camera so I started taking photographs of him.  It wasn't until I got the photographs on the computer that I noticed what LONG whiskers this cat has!

This particular cat is long haired and has a 'fluffy tail' - it's not a traditional tail, but just a little fluff ball which reminds me of a rabbit tail.  Unfortunately, you can't see that in either of these photographs - but look at all those whiskers!

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