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October 19, 2018  •  5 Comments

This week the Pet Photography theme is "Photographer's Choice".  This week has been Jimbo's sixth anniversary - so we have been doing various 'celebrations' with Jimbo.  We don't have a good birth date for our Jimbo, so we have always celebrated the day he came to live with us.

Our first adventure was to take everyone (that's 2 humans with 4 dogs) over to Edward Medard in Plant City, Florida.  We decided to hike one of the first trails as you enter the park as we heard that the Vikings were there on Saturday mornings - and eventually we heard sounds that definitely perked the dogs and could have become a bad experience - either way, the dogs enjoyed this early morning hike to new smells along the way.

Jimbo paused for a photograph - but I will say, Jimbo just about refuses to look into the camera - especially if you're close to him.  He looks at you, sees the camera and turns his head some other direction - I don't know why, but I don't push it.  Thus, he is looking up at something in this photograph. Perhaps there was a bird, squirrel or something running around up in the trees - but either way, that's where his attention was glued.

Our next adventure a few days later was - a dog party at Gaspars.  Yep, this time it was 4 humans and 6 dogs!  Course we picked a time where we were just about the only ones sitting out on the patio and we all enjoyed a good lunch.  The dogs had grilled chicken and the humans got their choice from the menu.

After finishing off the chicken, Jimbo relaxed on the deck.

And then he figured out we were going to be here a still alert (remember there are 5 other dogs with us), but definitely taking advantage of the time to rest up.

Our last adventure was this morning when Jimbo and I took off and went hiking for a bit on one of the local park trails.  I could see him looking at me and he knew I was taking photographs, but I gave him a break and didn't make him the subject on our morning walk today.

Many of you know Jimbo came from living out on the streets with no one really to call his own to the luxury of having lunch at the neighborhood hangout, going walking on trails and enjoying life.

We love you Jimbo - thank you so much for making the journey from the Bahamas to Florida!

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I love that name! Jimbo.
Happy sixth, Jimbo. You landed in a great spot for sure!
Tracy Allard(non-registered)
Love Jimbo on that blue deck, such a colorful image (oh, and happy anniversary!).
How sweet that you give him such a special day! All dogs deserve such love and fun.
Kim Hollis(non-registered)
Happy Gotcha Day Jimbo!
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