Bear Creek Cabins, Fort Payne, Alabama

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Bear Creek Cabins is where we stayed during our trip to north east Alabama.  It was everything we needed!  It was relaxing, enjoyable and had all the comforts of home.  Here is our rustic log cabin that I like to think of as our 'tiny house'.  The cabin was actually built back in the 1800's and Randy (one of the owners) had it moved to this location and did improvements such as electricity and running water.  The original structure looks well preserved.

The interior of our cabin was cozy with lots of antiques.  We had a television with dish network, but we didn't watch much as we were to tired from our adventures. This interior photograph was taken from the kitchen area (full size refrigerator, oven/stove, sink and a small microwave).  All the essentials.  A stone fireplace, but in summer we didn't use it.  The stairs to the loft bedroom are on the right.  The door with the t-shirt hanging on it is the front door and the back door is on the left leading out to the patio/deck/hot tub.


The kitchen area with the bathroom next to the refrigerator (the dark room).  Abby is looking out the window because the cows are outside.  We had plenty of cooking pots and pans (there were more than you see hanging in this photograph).

The bathroom is rustic using a whisky barrel for the sink (kinda cool idea). Indoor plumbing!!! I will say, and I knew this before booking this particular cabin, I missed taking a shower - sometimes it's the simple things in life!  But then, back in the old days, there was no shower and people didn't even take baths daily much less weekly - so we definitely had something more than they did back in the old days.

The upstairs bedroom is very roomy with a high ceiling.  Plenty of light to read if you so choose along with a window air conditioner that kept the entire cabin cool while we stayed here.  Amazing that such a small unit was able to do that, but it definitely did!

There are more photographs of the cabin interior on our website if you're interested.  This was the one bedroom log cabin.  They also have a two bedroom, three bedroom and I believe four bedroom to accommodate larger numbers of visitors.

The owners, Randy and Sandy, are very friendly and helpful - we couldn't ask for better hosts during our stay.

There are other things to do on the property if you're incline to.  They have large boulders that you can climb around on (I did) and they also have goats you can pet - one young one seem to take a liking to being scratched on the head.

The sunrises are beautiful over the mountains in the east -- just outside of our cabin front door.

If you like fishing, they have a pond (or small lake) that you can go fishing after entering the pasture and then securing the gates.  The cows cannot get to the pond, so no worries once you get to the fishing dock area.

We are definitely planning to make another trip to this location and hope to be able to secure a cabin here again.  There are so many things that we didn't have time to do this trip, but it was great exploring and finding out more about this part of the country.




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