Pet Photography - Theme Ugly Sweaters

December 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This week's Pet Photography theme is "Ugly Sweaters".  I'm not sure about everyone else, but I don't tend to keep things I consider ugly - they either get donated in hopes someone else doesn't consider the sweater (or other item) ugly or if it's really bad, it might go to the trash - just depends on what the item is.  So, when the theme of "Ugly Sweaters" came up, well - first being in Florida with no real cold weather, I don't have many sweaters to begin with much less one I consider "Ugly".  My first thought was to pass on this week's theme and photograph something different but then I decided to find a sweater (not ugly) and use it to for this week's theme.

Our foster puppies are back with us again after finding out that apartment living probably wasn't the best idea for them - so they are hanging out on our loveseat with the only Christmas sweater I own.

Rue is on the left and perhaps she isn't sure about the whole idea of a sweater being placed on top of them. Ollie on the right is very content!

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