Courthouse Falls, Brevard, North Carolina (back to the waterfalls)

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Courthouse Falls is probably one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen.  It's not visited by many judging on the fact that we were the only ones there in the middle of a gorgeous day! This waterfall is tucked into a cove and protected from the sun even though it is late in the morning for taking photographs.  It was peaceful - I took photographs, but I am not sure they do the beauty of the waterfall justice.

After driving up a gravel road for quite some time, we arrived at a flat area where a few cars can park.  We gathered up our gear and started on the trail to the waterfall.  We had a couple of experienced friends with us this day for the hike.  Abby is leading the way for me - her trademark white spot on the back of her head.

Soon, I realize that we are dropping behind a bit and need to pick up the pace if we are going to keep track of where they have trekked.  Course, Abby has a very strong hound nose, so she is able to keep track of where they went.  We arrived at this sign.

Abby turns her head indicating they went this way (to the left) - of course, the way the sign is saying "danger".  We continued on down the 'dangerous' hike - if you're not paying attention, it definitely could be an issue.  The sight of this waterfall was enough to say "Wow"!


The GPS coordinates for this particular waterfall (where I took these photographs) is 35°16'19" N 82°53'37" W -Map insert is from Google Maps.  The altitude is 4320.9 ft per the GPS unit on my camera.

When we visited in October 2017, they were working on the bridge that is very close to the turnoff for this road leading to the waterfall.  The best source of information for waterfalls in North Carolina, including this one appeared to be  Many (if not all) of the waterfalls are listed including Courthouse Falls.  These directions were taken from this website.

Directions: From the Blue Ridge Parkway, head south down Hwy 215 for 6.5 miles. Look for the 2nd sign indicting 'narrow bridge ahead', and turn left on FR140 just after the bridge. From Hwy 64, turn north on NC215 at Headwaters Outfitters. Drive 10.2 miles up 215 (passing the waterfalls at Living Waters) and turn right on FR140 just before the bridge. Drive up the gravel road for 3.0 miles - crossing 4 bridges along the way - and park in the wider area just after the bridge across Courthouse Creek. The trail head is on the left.


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