Saying good bye to Man's best friend (or Woman)

December 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

For those of us that love animals and often treat our pets as members of the family, knowing the end is near for our dear pet is one of the hardest times in life.  It's even harder when the time finally comes.  No, all of my family members are fine, but one of the elderly dogs that visits the dog park that Abby and Jimbo go to often is nearing the end of her journey here with us.  I took my camera along for our most recent visit to the dog park as I know Maggie will not be visiting to many more times.  Maggie is very sweet and allowed me to take several photographs of her laying in the sun.  She seemed to be seeking me out as I would take photographs, then take care of my dogs, and walk back to near her - she slowly walked to me and waited for me to pet her.

These photos are for her...these photos are for her owner - these photos are for the woman who cared enough to rescue her and allow her to have a good life as a senior dog.

If you have a family pet that is getting older - don't forget to take photographs to remember them by.  Whether you call someone like us to capture those few moments in time or you take them yourself....someday, you'll be glad you did.  I know I cherish the photographs of Dolly who left us almost 4 years ago.

Here's Maggie -- I may be old and gray now, but I once was young and beautiful and I love my human just the same.

There's Maggie with her human and friends.



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