Sawgrass Lake Park, Pinellas County

October 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Recently we visited one of my favorite Pinellas County parks, Sawgrass Lake Park.  This park is located on the west side of I-275 and can be seen from the interstate.  I'm sure many have seen the park from the interstate, yet never taken the opportunity to stop and enjoy it.  In order to get to this park, you drive through a housing subdivision. There are many locals that come to this park on a regular basis.

My visits have been in the early morning hours.  Typically we take our dog, Jimbo, with us, so we do not go on the boardwalks as dogs are not allowed.  These photographs show areas that can be visited if you have your dog along for the walk.  The number of large oaks this park contains make shady areas as well as very pretty areas for photographing. 

The photograph below is taken from the second parking lot that is around the curve from the main parking area where the restrooms and visitor center are located.

If you're lucky enough to get there when the moisture is high in the air, or it's foggy the sun rays are very beautiful coming through the trees.

The boardwalk goes over a water way with a couple of well made bridges.

The waterways do have alligators - one gentleman told me that he saw one crossing the sidewalk where we were walking the dog - so be on the look out to be safe.  The park has lots of bird life and turtles as well.

The park address is 7400 25th Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida should you want to take a stroll with nature.

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