Hillsborough River State Park - Wild flowers!

November 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Recently I went out to Hillsborough River State Park a couple of times to get photographs of the wild flowers.  Most times I walk the trails with my trusted dog, Jimbo - but the flowers were really blooming and it was some what show stopping as I entered the main entrance of the park.

Here's Jimbo relaxing while I am off taking photographs of the wild flowers along the main road within the park.

As I got closer to the wild flowers I began to notice the various little creatures that were among them.  A grasshopper...

A walking stick? I took a few photographs of this and then moved the 'twig' only to find out when I zoomed in on the flower it was a living creature!

A green tree frog, and this one was really small - probably an inch in length at best.

A damselfly (I believe that is what this little flying insect is called).

And then some of the pretty wild flowers.

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