For the love of guitars - Armadillo Enterprises - Dean and Luna Guitars

January 10, 2016  •  1 Comment

This week the St. Petersburg Photography Club meetup group took a tour of a local business that makes guitars.  The warehouse is located on Waters Avenue in Tampa, Florida.  Armadillo Enterprises makes Dean and Luna Guitars - some are made entirely here in Tampa, others are made in (guess) China and they are checked for quality at this warehouse.  The tour was amazing.  Mark was our tour guide for the group of just over 20 people of which most had a camera in hand.  The warehouse appears to contain hundreds of guitars on display and thousands in boxes waiting to be shipped to various locations (they do not sell to the public). These guitars are all one of a kind and are displayed in a room filled with unique guitars.

Guitars are made of several different types of wood and each type of wood will give the guitar a different look.  Among the types of wood we saw at the factory are maple, mahogany and ebony (but those are just the ones I remember, they have many more!).

The guitar below was created for Michael Angelo Batio in 2007 and is on display in the lobby.  Michael can play with both his left and right hand allowing him to use a guitar that is strung for both.


Interesting enough, this building used to be the building for Tropical Sportswear International whom my sister worked for in the past :)




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