Memories of your pet - whether it be when they are young or a senior

October 08, 2021  •  2 Comments
Memory in its technical terminology refers to the processes that are used to acquire, store, retain and then later retrieve information (,encoding%2C%20storage%2C%20and%20retrieval.). This week’s blog post is about memories – first creating those memo...
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A walk in Eureka Springs Park, Tampa, Florida

October 01, 2021  •  4 Comments
Eureka Springs Park is located in a little known area of greater Tampa, Florida. I am sure it is well known by photographers as it is a beautiful location to photograph - whether you love flowers, nature or maybe you prefer to photograph people - or maybe even your pet dog? Yes, this is a beautiful place to take your dog(s) for a walk! This week ou...
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What to expect at your Pet Photography session

August 13, 2021  •  4 Comments
What should you expect if you are doing a pet photography session with VP Shoots Photography? Well, for sure, it should be fun! That's probably one of the most frequent comments we get from people when we do a pet photography session. If it's not fun for all involved, then the photographs probably will not show your pet's best side. Other comments...
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Thinking about professional pet photographs?

August 06, 2021  •  8 Comments
This week's blog post discusses the early stages when you may be thinking "I'd like to get some great photographs of my pet(s)". Often times you may think that you'd love to have some great photographs of your dog (cat, rabbit, etc) but you haven't yet taken the first step. So what's that first step all about? If you're thinking about having some...
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Photographing big mutts (those large mixed breed dogs we all love)

July 30, 2021  •  2 Comments
I love all dogs, but I often find that the majority of the dogs I photograph are mixed breed (aka mutts). All of my dogs have been mutts and the dominant breed we photograph in the rescue dog world is "mutt". Why are we all so in love with our mutts? Is it because they are unique? No other dog looks like them right? Or is it because of the variety?...
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