A walk in Eureka Springs Park, Tampa, Florida

October 01, 2021  •  4 Comments

Eureka Springs Park is located in a little known area of greater Tampa, Florida.  I am sure it is well known by photographers as it is a beautiful location to photograph - whether you love flowers, nature or maybe you prefer to photograph people - or maybe even your pet dog?  Yes, this is a beautiful place to take your dog(s) for a walk!  This week our little pack of dogs (Abby, Ollie and Rue) decided to visit on an early morning just after they opened - we had the place to ourselves on this beautiful cool weekday.

This was land donated several years ago by the owners in the condition that it remained a beautiful garden for all to enjoy.  For $2 you can visit this park, take a walk through the gardens or perhaps you prefer the more natural woodlands along the boardwalk.  They have bathrooms, water fountains, picnic tables, shade and the perfect place to enjoy some quiet time.  

Our dogs will take you on a walk through Eureka Springs Park located at 6400 Eureka Springs Rd, Tampa, FL 33610. Rue and Ollie are leading the way on the boardwalk which is a nice walk through the wooded areas with lots of tall cypress trees growing as well as other plants.


I suspect from their height of just over a foot, they don't see a lot except the sides of the boardwalk - but they definitely lead the way along this part of our walk.  Sometimes Abby will join them in front but most of the time she is 'bringing up the rear on our walks'.

Eureka Springs Park walkwayEureka Springs Park walkwayWalking the boardwalk at Eureka Springs Park. Now that we have completed the boardwalk, let's go through some of the other areas.  Abby posing by the 'entrance' of the park as we enter the gardens.

Eureka Springs Park walkwayEureka Springs Park walkway

Covered walkway over the area where all the water lilies are growing. They are blooming now (September) and blooming several months of the year.

Eureka Springs Park walkwayEureka Springs Park walkwayEureka Springs Park walkway over the water lily pond area located in Tampa, Florida.

This little sitting area is near the entrance of the park - the flowers in this area vary based on the time of year.  Right now, they are purple and really beautiful.

Eureka Springs Park benchEureka Springs Park benchEureka Springs Park sitting area with bench.

Couldn't resist - let's get Ollie on the bench for a photograph. It seems that my dogs are 'over it' on the posing - none of them really like looking at the camera when I ask them to pose for a photograph.  So a nice - looking off is what I often get of my gals.

Eureka Springs ParkEureka Springs Park

In one area a beautiful sweeping oak tree comes low over the walkway.

Eureka Springs ParkEureka Springs ParkPathway at Eureka Springs Park in September - large oaks, lots of shade and many flowering plants.  

I think one of the most used area is the arbor in the rose garden - I see a lot of people being photographed here.  The rose garden photo is from April of this year.  Different things are blooming at different times of year, so keep this in mind as you wander through this park.

Eureka Springs Park arborEureka Springs Park arborEureka Springs Park arbor

The green house area has an arbor structure as well as plants that are sensitive to cold. 

Eureka Springs ParkEureka Springs Park

In the picnic area is a tree stump about 3 feet high - perhaps for putting small dogs up on for a photograph with some greenery in the background.

Tree stump at Eureka Springs ParkTree stump at Eureka Springs ParkTree stump for photographing smaller dogs.

Rue is my worse 'model' at staying put - her idea of staying is touching you....so she is always harder to photograph and in this photo is ready to jump down off the tree stump as soon as possible!

This concludes our walk through Eureka Springs Park....I wonder if our dogs will ever figure out that the faster you walk, the sooner the walk ends?

The Hillsborough County Website for Eureka Springs Park is located here.

To see more photographs taken at Eureka Springs Park, click here.

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What a beautiful park! The blooms are lovely. That sweeping oak tree is perfect for some framing of dogs :) Thanks for sharing this amazing park with us!
Eureka Springs Park has so much potential! I can already envision the dog photos now as I glance at your images.
What a beautiful, peaceful place. Eureka Springs is exactly what I look for in a park to walk my dogs.
Angela Schneider(non-registered)
I love that you took us on a visual tour of Eureka Springs Park. I feel like I could go for a walk there now and know where all the important spots are. This is just super!
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