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If you have a dog, they like to play with other dogs - well, the area of Temple Terrace - or more broadly Tampa located in central Florida has a lot of options.  Does you dog just want to run?  Or perhaps your dog loves the water?  Within less than an hour you and your dog can do either.

1) Harney Dog Park (officially known as the Temple Terrace Hilltop Park) is located at 9420 Harney Rd, Tampa, FL 33637.

This dog park offers an area for smaller dogs as well as a larger area for the large dogs.  Each area has a water hookup to provide water to your pup and unless it's changed recently - there is usually a small plastic pool for the dogs to cool off in.  There is lots of room to run, but not a lot of shade to hang out in - so during the summer months it can get hot.  Also, just a note, the large dog area can be prone to flooding when we get a lot of rain.

Abby hanging in the 'baby' pool at the park - it's a great way for the dogs to cool off if they like water.

Dog in kid swimming poolDog in kid swimming poolHarney dog park in Temple Terrace Florida - enjoying the swimming pool.

The entire park has a high chain link fence surrounding it.  In addition, there is a 'holding' area - double gate to prevent dogs from escaping.  Jimbo runs with another dog in his younger years.

Dogs running at dog parkDogs running at dog parkTemple Terrace Hilltop Dog Park

The Harney Bypass canal is just to the east of this park outside of the fenced in areas.  Lots of grass and area to run in.  Plenty of trash cans for pickup of dog waste.  A small shelter with a picnic table for the humans.

Rescue dog having fun at dog parkRescue dog having fun at dog parkDog playing at the dog park

2) Rowlett Dog Park is located at 8401-8549 N Rowlett Park Dr, Tampa, FL 33604. 

The website says it is open every day from 8am - 6pm.  There are a few holidays like Christmas that the Rowlett Park is closed.  This dog park offers an area for smaller dogs as well as a larger area for the large dogs.  This dog park has lots of shade trees along with picnic tables for the humans.  There is a water hookup to provide water to your pup.

This park is fenced in with a chain link fence.  There is ample parking for those visiting the park.  In addition to the area for the dogs to run free, there are several sidewalk paths that can be enjoyed while you walk your dog on a leash.  Abby playing with one of the other dogs in her younger years.

Dog playing at Rowlett Dog ParkDog playing at Rowlett Dog ParkTwo dogs playing at the dog park.

Plenty of shaded areas provided by the oak trees.  There is also a few pine trees within the dog park.

Dog running free on sidewalkDog running free on sidewalkDog running along the sidewalk at Rowlett Dog Park.

The large dog area includes an agility area with a few things to allow your dog to climb if this is a sport they like.

Dog hanging out at Rowlett Dog ParkDog hanging out at Rowlett Dog ParkShade trees behind, as dog stands in the sun watching other dogs at Rowlett Dog Park. 3) Davis Island Dog Park /Beach - this is located at 1002 Severn Ave, Tampa, FL, US, 33606

There are 2 different areas at the Davis Island dog park - one, shared by dogs of all sizes is along the water.  Dogs are allowed to swim in the waters of Tampa Bay.  There is a bathing area to wash off your dog at the entrance.  In addition to this dog park, there is another area for the dogs that is not including the 'dog beach'.  If your dog doesn't care for the water and would prefer to run in the grass, there is a small dog park area as well as a large dog park area for everyone to play.  There is some shade available around the outside edges of the dog park.

4) Picnic Island Dog Park is located at 7409 Picnic Island Blvd, Tampa, FL 33616

This park is open from 6:30am till 7pm at this time of year.  The hours are longer during daylight savings time.  The dogs have a long narrow strip of land to run up and down on the beach as desired.  In addition, they have access to the water.  Note, like Davis Island, this is salt water.  Several years ago when we visited, we had the park to ourselves.

Picnic Island Dog ParkPicnic Island Dog ParkPlaying in the water at Picnic Island Dog Park

Running along the beach at Picnic Island Dog ParkRunning along the beach at Picnic Island Dog Parklone dog running along the shore line at Picnic Island Dog Park 'My favorite photograph from this visit is this one of Jimbo and Abby playing - but it looks like they are dancing.  The look on Abby's face!

Dogs playing at Picnic Island Dog ParkDogs playing at Picnic Island Dog ParkTwo dogs playing on the sandy beach at Picnic Island Dog Park.

5) Ft. DeSoto Dog Park / Beach located within Fort DeSoto Park is located in St. Petersburg.

They are open at this time of year from 7am till 8pm.  There is plenty of sand for your dog to run in and go swimming in the salt water if they like to swim.

Abby loves the water - here she is taking a breather on the sandy beach after getting wet.

Black and white dog at Ft DeSoto Dog BeachBlack and white dog at Ft DeSoto Dog BeachBeautiful beach and water at the Ft DeSoto Dog Beach area - a dog park on the water.

Jimbo has longer fur and looks like a 'wet dog'.  His idea of being in the water doesn't stack up against Abby's.

Jimbo, rescue dog on the dog beachJimbo, rescue dog on the dog beachBeautiful beach and water at the Ft DeSoto Dog Beach area - a dog park on the water. Of course, humans can go swimming too!  And Abby watched Jim (Dad) going swimming and wanted to follow until she realized.....I need to turn around and go back - Dad can save himself!

Dog swimming at Ft DeSoto Dog Beach/ParkDog swimming at Ft DeSoto Dog Beach/ParkDog swims with her human at the Ft DeSoto Dog Park - complete with sand and plenty of sea water. That's some of the MANY dog parks in the area of Tampa - a Google search will include several that are in the downtown Tampa area as well as others through out the area.  We have a lot of them!

If you take your dog to a dog park - please be careful.  Dogs can get hurt at dog parks just like children can get hurt at the playground.  Always pick up after your dog. Know your dog and whether they are good with other dogs - and always keep an eye on them - especially those that have water.

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So Fun!
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The dog beaches look amazing!
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