Digital Photos....are you preserving them?

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This week I am writing a short blog to ask you a question - think about this - with all the digital photographs, how are you preserving them for future generations?  In the 'old days' we printed photographs.  Today, we have them as a digital form - whether that is social media, website, instagram, cloud, your hard drive - and I'm sure I have missed a few.  But, will they be around when you want to see them in 20 years?  or even 10 years?  This particular topic came up recently in a weekly photography meeting that I attend most weeks with fellow photographers.  

After thinking about the discussion that we had on how we are creating photographs and what we are doing with them, I decided that the suggestion I like the best is to start creating books that contain photographs that I want to keep - those that are family, vacations, etc - not so much about what is my best 'photography' work - but the ones that will mean something to me or someone else in the future.

What are you thinking?  How will you share your photographs?  Are you getting them printed? or are they simply stored on some electronic device somewhere with hopes that we will always have access to them?

In writing this blog post, I decided to do what everyone seems to do today - Ask Google.  What are some of the places to get the best photo books in 2019?  Among the entries that came back from that search are: Shutterfly, Snapfish, Amazon prints, Picaboo and Mixbook.  In looking at the details of the information in the reviews, this one little part caught my eye. "This way you’ll be 100% sure that your book won’t fade or get damaged due to bad ink or poor print quality."  And guess what, this company was writing about "Mixbook".  Mixbook was the last company listed for the photo books, but it is a well known website for designing photo books. Mixbook is one of the best but definitely not one of the cheapest. However, if you want excellent quality and vivid images, you could save some money and choose Mixbook.  Since I personally want to be sure that the images aren't going to fade due to poor print quality - I will be creating my second book with some of my images using Mixbook (hopefully the quality is the same as it was 2 years ago when I did a book to see how the quality was - I'll let you know what I think after I get my book created and printed!  In case you're curious, here's the link for Mixbook -  and it looks like they are having a sale, so I'll have to get moving on this if I want to catch this sale!



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