Pet Photography with the color Yellow

May 31, 2019  •  2 Comments

Wow, we have been busy doing a lot of dog photography lately as we head into the 'dog days of summer' when a lot of outdoors in hot and we watch the temperatures for our furry friends to make sure they don't overheat.   This week, I had Rue snuggle with my yellow hoodie sweatshirt and she actually stayed put!  That's an accomplishment for Rue - she is the one that always says "Nope, not staying!".

We started out with a simple, let's snuggle in the color's the middle of a hot Florida afternoon, all the dogs are into snoozing inside in the air conditioning.  Rue appears to be wondering what I am doing and why she is snuggled with my hoodie.

Rolling over, she is getting sleepy in the middle of my photo shoot....

Well, she's asleep - I guess the middle of the afternoon is NOT the time to ask my dogs to do anything other than snooze.

Dog framed in yellow sweatshirtDog framed in yellow sweatshirtDog sleeping wrapped and framed in yellow sweatshirt

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Jo Lyons(non-registered)
Rue clearly adored this week’s theme!
Oh my goodness Rue is adorable, especially in yellow.
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