Kite Festival, Treasure Island, Florida - 2019

January 21, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

This past weekend the annual Kite Festival was held behind the Thunder Bird Resort on Treasure Island.  Saturday was beautiful, sunny, windy and nice temperatures - the perfect winter day for the beach.  The variety of kites flying in the sky was plentiful - not like the old kites of my childhood.  Parking was scarce, but eventually after waiting a while, a place was found.  First glimpse of the kites flying from the beach (you could see them as you drove along Gulf Blvd).

Here's a few of the kites picked out from the overall group of kites. A giant lizard.....

I assume these are dragons....

A creature of some sort (anyone know?) - in this photograph the tails temporarily joined at the bottom


A series of six kites flying in a line together (a continuous string).

A more classic design kite.

And a pirate ship!

It was an interesting sight to see - and many of the kites were flying without being attended to.  They were attached to a post in the sand on the beach.  If you like kites, this is definitely something you should consider doing - or go hang out on the beach for a while and enjoy watching all the colorful kites flying in the sky.  I think this year Saturday was the better day - Sunday was very gusty, cloudy skies as well as dropping temperatures.


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