A dog photo session with Bailey

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This week's blog post is about a dog photograph session.  Sometimes we arrive to photograph a pet aka dog and find that they aren't really up to the task of being a model.  Part of working with animals is to realize that we as humans are trying to get photographs of the pet - but your pet didn't have any input as to whether they wanted to be a part of it or not.  It's totally a human decision.  As such, when we go to photograph a pet, it's much like a young child - you go with the flow and capture the best photographs possible keeping in mind the 'model' may have other ideas.  There is never any reason for you as the owner (or foster) to apologized for your dog - they are what they are and we allow time for each dog to figure out what's potentially going to happen - some are easier than others.  In most cases, we have been able to capture beautiful photographs. 

Bailey, whom we met on Thursday, is a sweet dog currently in foster and available through the Maxx and Me Pet Rescue.  Her expressions through out the photographs almost seemed funny as we reviewed them and I thought you might enjoy hearing more about how our pet photograph sessions are done.

First, we talked a little bit with Bailey's foster mom.  Bailey really listens to her and tries hard to please.  Next Bailey sees the camera and isn't quite sure what to make of it. "What are they doing?"

Bailey is listening to what her foster Mom has to say - "So, you want me to pose for these people and let them take my photograph?"

Here's the next photograph of Bailey.  "Ok, I'll show them my funny face - maybe that will make them go away".

"Hummm, I must not be doing this correctly.  Mom is talking to me again about what I am suppose to be doing."

"Ok, I think I have figured out what exactly this modeling is all about. I will give them a classic sitting pose - I think I saw 'Old Yeller' do something like this."

"Or maybe a sitting pose where I'm looking directly at the person with the camera, a slight head tilt - she is making funny noises!" 

"I stood up, I thought maybe they were done - but nope, now they want some of me standing!"

The last photograph of Bailey is showing her beautiful face to the world.  If you're interested in a female dog, about 30-35 pounds - this one looks like a great one!

Hopefully, this gives you an idea of a 'single location' photography session with your furry friend.  Let Maxx and Me Pet Rescue know if you would like to adopt Bailey - they are always looking for fosters as well.

If you're interested in a photograph session for your pet, now you have an idea of the photographs we capture of your furry friend.





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