Fog in the country

February 25, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This week, we go back to the country - rural counties up in the pan handle area of Florida where life seems to be slower than here in the busy metropolitan area of Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater (Hillsborough and Pinellas counties).  Each week I have strived to create a blog entry that contains some photographs that I like - some are amazing to me, some are letting you know what we have been up to, some are what I love to shoot - either way - I appreciate you as the reader taking a few minutes of your time to read and take a look at the photographs - Thank you!

I came across a quote recently by John Grisham on someone else's blog - it's about writing..."Write a page a day or you’re not serious.” So, I wonder - does this also apply to photography?  I can honestly say, that I do shoot photographs of something every week - whether it is a dog, landscape or something else - I'm always looking to photograph my world.  But, I will say, that I do not take photographs every day - should I?  Good question - but some days are for post processing - maybe that counts?  

Sometimes I go back and look at photographs I took a while back - it's enlightening to see what you did and whether you still like the photograph or not.  In this particular case, I went back to look at photos taken on a foggy morning in rural Florida.  Have you ever gone out on a walk early on a foggy morning and taken the time to look at all the artwork spiders have created? If you look close, you'll find the artwork of spiders everywhere with dew making them more visible than normal.

If you're out in the country, then cows are usually out milling around in the pasture.  You can see the hint of pine trees in the background.  Pine trees are grown in many areas in this part of Florida for the timber.

Early morning fog on this day was pretty heavy - here's a grove of trees along the country road.

A few old homesteads, barns, buildings along the country road.

This is my favorite photo from this group showing the old building that may not even be standing anymore nestled among the trees, vines and fog.

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