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September 01, 2017  •  4 Comments

This week's Pet Photography blog theme is 'Street'.  As I thought of where I might like to do a location shoot with our dogs for this theme, I came up with some places like Ybor City, downtown Tampa, or even perhaps a trip over to the downtown area of Dunedin (which is really a nice little downtown area if you haven't been there!).  Then, I looked at the weather for this particular 7 day stretch and realized that it wasn't going to be much opportunity - 60% rain, 70%, 100%, 90%'s raining when I go to bed, it's wet when we get up...I managed to squeeze in a short trip to a local area here close to home and even then it rained while we were out shooting.  Jimbo is one of those dogs that listens to what your Mom always told you growing up "If you hear thunder, get inside".  He wasn't the happiest camper but Abby was game as long as we stayed out with her - it didn't thunder on us, just rained some.  So here's our photographs from our attempt at 'Street' (perhaps I can try this again when the weather is better).

The classic photograph is to have a boy dog going potty on a fire hydrant.  Jimbo either didn't have to go or had no desire to participate in this photo opportunity - so Abby stepped in and looked at the fire hydrant - but said "I am a girl, I don't pee on fire hydrants".

Our next photo was Abby checking out a culvert pipe.  (For those worried, Abby did have a leash on - she wasn't going in that pipe - but the finished photo has the leash removed).  It was a quick glance in the pipe and nothing of interest, so we moved on.

Dog by drain pipeDog by drain pipeDog checking out a water drain pipe
Abby is waiting for the school bus.  I wonder if the door had been open would she have gotten on and checked it out?

Abby sitting patiently at the front door of the "Street Academy".  It's the visitor entrance as well as the main entrance, if I sit here long enough someone is bound to notice how cute I am and give me a nice pet or if I am real lucky a snack!  (After we got the photo - she got a snack)

Jimbo is hanging out in the parking lot - I am betting he heard that the school was a good place to get food - kids always have food and they aren't that careful about keeping it out of the reach of a dog - Jimbo is gentle, he just gives you those soulful brown eyes and you're melting in no time.

Jimbo is running away from school.  Maybe he had a bad experience and decided it was best to leave school behind.

For more 'street' pet photographs head over to visit Elaine Tweedy with I Got The Shot Photography, Northeastern PA Pet Photographer and then head around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here.

If you would like to book a custom pet portrait session, send an email to [email protected] or give us a call at 813-610-2671 in the Tampa Bay area (Florida).  Special discount if you're looking for an 'end of life' portrait.


Love the first image and Abby's expression next to the fire hydrant - haha! She's adorable! Great variety! I also love Abby waiting for the school bus - great storytelling images!
These are adorable! Nicely done!
I love the Street Academy photo and the school bus shots. I would bet you could sell those as stock photos, having just gone through a session on line last night on stock photos. :)
Kim Hollis(non-registered)
I love the pipe photo... and I am glad you mentioned she was leashed and wasn't going in there. :) Moose loves visiting the kids at our school bus stop. There are usually leftover breakfast crumbs that he seems to find. I'm pretty sure he'd get on the bus if given the chance!
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