Dead River Park, Hillsborough County, Florida

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The last two weeks we have been on the road showing beautiful scenes where roads are oak lined.  We have something close, a Florida version, here in our 'backyard' located at Dead River Park. Lighting can make a BIG difference on how a photograph looks.  For example, this photograph was taken on an overcast day with little bright sunlight coming through the trees.  This is the road that takes you to 'Dead River Park'.  It's a long dirt road lined by oak trees and other Florida natives.

On a sunny day, this same road has a different look.  The trees are light in color and the sunlight is filtering through the trees.

Or through the magic of digital photography and the software that is available now, we can make a dark scene of this same line of trees and leave a bicycle at the bottom of the photograph for some potential mystery...

Keep in mind, this is Florida and it is dense trees with near by water - dead water - non-moving water....yes, you guess it - bugs - mosquitoes! But it can be a nice, lonely park to visit if you're equipped with the correct gear.  At the end of the road is a small parking area.  This bridge goes across the water which is actually a part of the river that has been 'cut off'.

There are lush green plants growing during many parts of the year.

  And little flying insects...

And no fresh Florida water is complete without these - the alligator.

I'm sure there is potential for fishing as well as photography, walking your dog or just having a nice walk with nature.  Summertime is probably the hottest, fight off the critters time but that's when you have beautiful lush greens.  It's all a matter of your taste and what you can handle in terms of temperatures.

Dead River Park is located at 15098 Dead River Rd, Thonotosassa, FL 33592.  As of this writing, the hours are 8am - 5:30pm for bicycle and pedestrian access. Vehicle access allowed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.



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