Art of the Brick, Tampa

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This week we took a trip to downtown Tampa and visited the new art exhibit, "Art of the Brick".  In this case, the brick is a Lego piece.  It's really incredible what can be created out of Lego - I don't know that I could do this, but this guy is fantastic!  Nathan Sawaya has taken the use of LEGO bricks as an art medium to a new level - something you may never see again.  If you haven't had an opportunity to visit this exhibit you still have time - it's here in Tampa until 4 September 2017. 

When we arrived, there was a line (when we left no one was waiting - go figure).  They take a group of people into the gallery at a time and the first step is to watch a video where the artist talks about his craft - short and very interesting (don't skip it!).  After that, you are free to view everything in the gallery at your leisure.  We wandered around to see all the exhibits and it seems like we must have gone through about 8-10 different areas looking at this incredible detailed work created all from Lego.

Remember - it all starts with a single brick!  That's what this symbolizes - a hand holding a single red brick.

The artist gets his inspiration from many different sources - sometimes it is from a famous painting, or something that he sees along the way while walking out on the street.  Regardless of where the inspiration comes from - it's a work of art when he is done.  The largest Lego exhibit is a dinosaur - yes - probably near life size if not life size - over 80,000 Lego to put that together.  It's definitely something to view - so take some time and go see the exhibit that Vinik Family Foundation has paid for people in the Tampa Bay area to view.

The photograph below shows the "Swimmer".  This is a life size version of a person 'swimming' in a pool.  It's depicted as if you are viewing the person from the top side.

You'll see life size versions of a few famous statues. Life size versions of other humanoid figures.  This particular person is made from gray Lego bricks and represents a human with hands covering his eyes.  The same thing children do when they are upset, if I cover my eyes, no one can see me.

These few photographs give you and idea of what you'll see.  If you want to see more photographs, here's the link to some of the others I photographed - but there is more.  I didn't take a photo of many of the various Lego creations - you'll have to go visit or find another website that has some photographs.

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