Frogs, Geckos, and Snakes

April 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I have always wanted to photograph one of these little red eyed frogs - perhaps that's a silly thing, but every since I saw someone's photograph of it, I wanted to take my own.  So, recently Mike Matthews held a workshop in Sarasota that gave me that opportunity!  I was thrilled to have the opportunity (of course there was a fee, but it was worth it).

So, here's my red eyed frog portrait.

We photographed several different types of frogs and this is the most colorful one of them all - but they were all really cool subjects (pets) to photograph.  Here's one of a snake.  It's a little different take on how to photograph it.  The snake is actually sitting on top of a mirror - so you see the reflection of the snake in this photograph. This is a Baird's rat snake.

Here's a photograph of a striped gargoyle gecko (hopefully I got that right).  This little guy didn't want to stay on the front of his driftwood and kept running around to the back side.

For those of you that like these types of critters, visit the gallery for more photographs at  If you have a exotic pet that you'd like photographs of contact us and we can take some portraits of your pet.



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