The making of a creepy photograph

December 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This week I've been working to create a creepy photograph - actually, I started another project but this idea came to mind while working on that project and here is the final result.

So how was this photograph created? If you're curious - then keep reading.  And for those that might be wondering, yes it is supposed to be creepy!

A trip to one of the local cemeteries to find older stones was the beginning of this creation.

Next, using On1 2017 Effects, created this version of the photograph. Effect Holga B&W.

Next take a photograph of a girl with a blank stare to the camera.

Using On1 Effects 2017, convert this photograph to have this effect.

Next, using Photoshop, open the tombstone photograph.  Then open the photograph of the girl.  Change her eye color to red.

Create another layer in Photoshop in the tombstone photo.

Change the blend mode to Luminosity and decrease the opacity to about 50-60 percent so the cross on the tombstone shows through the girl's face.

Create another layer to blend these layers together.

Final result is created - one creepy photograph for a horror movie or book!




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