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December 29, 2017  •  3 Comments

This week's Pet Photography theme is "Favorite Things".  As I thought about this for my pets, I realized that this topic could be viewed from a couple of different view points.  One of my favorite things is to spend time with my dogs (yes, I have cats - but they just want to be petted and fed).  My dogs may be spoiled - I guess it depends on your views, but they love it when we say "Let's go for a ride" and they don't care where the ride is to's a chance to go somewhere in the car or truck.

Jimbo loves to go boating - particularly when the water is smooth.  Course, it wasn't love at first sight, but once he got the hang of it and realized it was a way to spend more time with his humans - well, he has no issues with it now.  There is nothing like an early morning ride down the Suwannee River when the sun is barely up, the water is still and you're the only ones out at this time!  Jimbo loves riding in the bow area but it's only allowed when it is minimum wake and smooth (otherwise, he comes back to join us in the main portion of the boat).

Jimbo, dog, boating on the riverJimbo, dog, boating on the riverDog on the bow of a boat idling down the Suwannee river

Jimbo loves hanging on the property at the Suwannee, as he knows it is all 'leash free' providing he stays on the property. No leash to photoshop out in this photograph!

Abby, well she loves to ride -but for some reason also thinks its great to sit in the driver's seat.  She has done this since we got her over a year ago - but still hasn't passed the test to be able to drive :(

Dog in driver seat of carDog in driver seat of car

So to the back seat she goes and she watches everything pass by in the window - I've often wondered what she is thinking as she watches things pass by...

We found out recently that Ollie loves to play in Mondo Grass - perhaps this is one of her favorite things? We let her play for a little while, but finally had to pull her out so we could continue our walk.

Ollie and Rue on their first field trip to a local park.  Both of these little girls seem fascinated by shells and it continues to be a favorite toy (we gave them large ones to carry around).  They have played with shells for months and here they just found out that the entire walkway is SHELLS! 

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Love Abby looking out the car window and Jimbo in the boat - lovely lake view!!! Looks like Ollie and Rue LOVED the park and all the "scents" :) Happy New Year!!!
Kim Hollis(non-registered)
The lake looks beautiful. I can see why you and Jimbo love it.
I love the photo of Jimbo in the boat, and I love your weather (we are in the single digits right now).
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