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November 17, 2017  •  4 Comments

This week's pet photography theme is water.  As we are in Florida and surrounded by water, the challenge I faced was what should I do?  I could take the dog photographs at the beach, in a pool, getting a bath - so many options - it's still sunny and warm here - not much hint of winter.  I've actually done photographs of my own dogs doing all these things including going off on our boats - and some of my favorites are when we are out boating on the water.  However, the last few weeks in my neighborhood have presented what may be a very limited opportunity - we have had two different water mains in our area break!  Yep, break and one of them was today.  So, when I saw all that fresh water flowing out of the water hydrant, I immediately thought - "Let's go get Abby, she will love it!".  And so she played in the fresh water running at a pretty good pace out of the fire hydrant and I took some photographs of her.  Are these my best photographs of her? No - but it does show her having fun and sometimes maybe that's more of a story.

Here is one of the fire hydrants free flowing water, they were releasing pressure so they could work on the broken water main. This wasn't that exciting from Abby's perspective.

Fire hydrant flushFire hydrant flushFlushing the fire hydrant is a perfect splash for a dog!

I showed Abby the water coming out, no real reaction other than "Is there where you want me to stand?".  So, we moved on to where the water was a bit now she has run down the entire area of the water gutters with clean water and is a bit wet.  I left her leash and harness on....they got drenched.

Running back and forth this stretch of water - it's now several inches deep.  Time to shake a bit of the water off.

You can see the water is pretty deep here, paws are wet for a good three inches - it's almost up to her heals and she isn't a small dog!  She loves to scoop up water with her mouth which is what she was doing just before I snapped this photograph.

Water dripping from her mouth and whiskers, she was having a great time.

...then the man came and shut off the fire hydrant and the river of water dried up pretty quickly so we jumped back in the car (covered in towels) and went around the corner.  Look, another fire hydrant free flowing!!!  We stopped again and she enjoyed running through the field flooded with fresh water.

Dog finds water puddleDog finds water puddleAbby walking in a water puddle after a hard rain

Then the men came and shut off this water flowing out of the fire hydrant and the fun was over.

Now the good thing about Abby's fun being over is that we once again had water at home after being pretty much without for several hours.  Then about 3 hours later, the water went down to a dribble again and reports through the neighborhood said that another break has occurred but it's dark now so no playing for Abby this time.  Hopefully the water will be on again and this will not happen again soon.

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Cute take on water! Abby was a trooper!!!
Kim Hollis(non-registered)
I love that I can see how much fun she is having playing in the water.
Oh how handy! She does look like she enjoyed herself :)
The best story is often a dog having a great time! I am an Abby fan, and I loved seeing her play in this water!
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