Looking Glass Falls, Brevard, North Carolina

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Whenever I get a chance to go someplace that has waterfalls - I'm in!  I love photographing them as well as just enjoying the sounds of the water falling.  We recently went back to a waterfall that we had visited for a few minutes in summer 2016.  This time, it was 'autumn' although not the beautiful colorful autumn that I would have loved to have - it was a different season which always makes photographs look different.  We arrived early to this waterfall - it's popular since it is right along the roadway and you need to get there early or there could be quite a line just to park.  I don't recall exactly how cold it was - but I'm thinking it was about 36 degrees out - COLD.  Very few people were there, but we weren't totally alone on this brisk cold autumn morning.

This photograph shows the stairway down towards the bottom of the waterfall.  Probably the most photographed place for this waterfall and it's very popular so there are many of these around the world by various tourist and photographers.  For the photographers in order to blur the water of a waterfall, you must use a 'slower shutter speed' - this is often based on the size of the waterfall as much as how fast the water is flowing.  My photographs are typically around 1/2 second, sometimes 1/3.  I did use a polarizer and we were there early before the sun came over the mountain area to put any sun on the waterfall or rocks.

If you go on down from the top of the waterfall (go down the stairs), this photograph can be taken from the landing point.

Continue on down and find yourself a place on the rocks and you see another vantage point of the waterfall.

In case you're curious, if you look down river from the waterfall - this is the view.

In case you want to visit this waterfall, it is located on U.S. 276 - roadside.  There are signs to guide you to the waterfall - it's popular, so you'll most likely have others there with you.  The water falls a good 60 feet, so it's a bit loud with the roaring water - but a great view especially for those that cannot go hiking to see a waterfall.

More waterfalls will be shared in the coming blogs, stay tuned!



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