Father's Day

June 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Father's Day - that special day on the calendar that we all remember, honor, thank our Father ....just for being here.  For me, this has been a day to remember as I lost my father at the age of 10.  I remember my father was 'fun'.  We spent time going to his office in downtown Tampa and running up and down the stairs, we visited his parents home in a small town called Henderson, North Carolina, he got us our (my) first dog - Buddy.  There are other memories as well. Fathers are special men in the lives of their children.  To many children don't have that special person in their daily lives.  If you're a father, please spend time with your child or children - they will remember all the little things you do and you may be surprised by what they remember.  Here's a picture of my father as a young man "Tyrus Ollie Perdue".  He was named after Ty Cobb, a baseball player and his father, George Ollie Perdue.

Happy Father's Day Dad!



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