Anna Marie Island Historic Pier and Sea Fog

March 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

On Tuesday evening, March 15th, Jim and I headed down to Anna Maria Island to photograph the historic pier, soon to be renovated.  The pier has resided here since 1911 and is in need of renovation.  As we crossed the bridge over to the island, I got my first glimpse of the sea fog (guess we aren’t going to be shooting a sunset this evening!).

The conditions were perfect for sea fog.  The dew point about 70 degrees, the water temperature about 72 degrees and the air temperature about 75 degrees all making the perfect breeding ground for fog!  There was no wind to blow it away, so the fog bank rolled in and hung around.  The sunshine skyway was closed for about 7 hours and couldn’t be seen at all with all the fog that rolled in.

Here’s some pictures from our shoot this evening. The fog is visible when we arrived, but the City Pier can be seen at the end of the walkway.

We ate dinner at the City Pier restaurant and listen to music.

The sea fog is getting thicker....

but we could still see the Pier from the road.

And by the time we left, it was pretty thick and from the decking leading to the pier, you could barely see the shoreline.


Until next time, Linda Perdue, VP Shoots.





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