Number one reason to have photographs taken with your pet

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Hi everyone! I want to share the single most important reason you should have photographs taken with your pet - it's very important.  I'd love to say that you should have this done by a professional photographer - someone like us here at VP Shoots Photography (or another professional in your area) but the fact remains - you need to do this!  Your pet's life could someday be totally dependent on it.  You may be totally dependent on it.  Are you curious?  What is that single most important reason that you should have a photograph taken with your pet? (the answer is below the photographs with our dogs)

Here's some family portraits with our dogs - these were taken to remember each of these wonderful creatures we share out lives with.  

Family portrait with our dogs,  Rue and OllieFamily portrait with our dogs, Rue and OllieFamily portrait with our dogs, Rue and Ollie Ollie (left) in front of Jim and Rue (right) sitting on my lap.  We officially adopted these girls from Maxx and Me Pet Rescue ( and the rescue likes to have a 'family portrait' when you adopt dogs from the rescue.  We enlisted Jim's son to help us take this photograph so that we could both be in it with our new family members.

Family portrait with our dog, AbbyFamily portrait with our dog, AbbyFamily portrait with our dog, Abby

A young Abby - this family portrait was taken in our back yard with the help of the basic photography equipment - a tripod and self timer!  Lucky that we were able to get this photograph of Abby looking directly at the camera - she looks so young here - not a gray hair to be found on her face. 

Portrait with dogsPortrait with dogsPortrait of Linda with Abby and Jimbo, our dogs

Jimbo decided to join in on the photography session once we had the 'required' family portrait of our new family member from Maxx and Me Pet Rescue.  Jimbo was such a great sport allowing this loud, barking young girl into our family.

Family portrait with our dog, JimboFamily portrait with our dog, JimboFamily portrait with our dog, Jimbo

Family portrait with Jimbo taken in the fall of 2015 at Pine Mountain, Georgia where we were on our first vacation after officially retiring from Verizon.  Jim actually 'took' this photograph by setting the camera on a tripod and using the self timer.  Jimbo and I just sat there waiting for the perfect photograph to be taken.  This photograph went on to become our Christmas card for the year 2015 (another great reason to have portraits with your pets).

Casual portrait with dogCasual portrait with dogOutdoor casual portrait with dog

Jimbo and I stop for a moment for Jim to capture our photograph while hiking in the mountains one year.

#1 Reason to have a photograph with your pets

So are you curious? 

What is the number one reason you MUST get photographs with your pets? 

Especially your dogs since they go outside?

Here's the answer:

If your dog gets lost or worse, gets stolen - if you have a photograph of your dog and you're not in that photograph - how can you prove that it's your dog?  Yes - it's great to have photographs of your pets, but if you truly want to ensure that people know it's your pet - be in that photograph with your pet.  Take that extra step to be in that photograph with your pet.  Make sure there is a connection between you and your pet - something that isn't easily changed in post processing (which is so easily done in today's world).

So there you have it - that's the number one reason you should always have photographs taken with your pet.  Even better is to have professional photographs taken with your pet because those photographs will be sharp, crisp and allow for seeing a lot of details on your pet should they be a breed that might not have a lot of unique characteristics.

Interested in Pet Photography Session?

If you would like to discuss or book a custom pet portrait session, send an email to [email protected] or give us a call/text Linda at 813-610-2671 in the Tampa Bay area (Hillsborough/Pinellas/Pasco/Polk counties in Florida).  We have flexible rates and packages to fit most everyone’s budget as we believe that having wonderful photographs of your pet is important to so many people.

Blogging with Pet Photographers

This is a personal project that I try to participate in each week (as much as possible).  This post is part of a 'blog circle' which is with several other Professional Pet Photographers around the world.  Each week a different theme is provided to the group and we, as pet photographers, interpret the theme in our own way.  Follow the link provided at the end of each of my blogs to the next pet photographer's blog - and when you arrive back at my blog - you've completed the entire circle of blogs for this theme.  For more pet photographers sharing their take on this theme, head over to Elaine Tweedy of I Got the Shot Photography in Northeastern PA, talks about a New Years resolution that should be on every pet owners' agenda.



Nice family portraits with pet. Photography with pet is really an interesting thing.
Tracy Allard(non-registered)
I always take away so much from our little circle, the point of having a good identifying image of your pet is a good one! It's always great to see Jimbo in your posts and Abby looks so young! Ollie and Rue's smiles always make me smile - they look like the happiest dogs! it's nice to see your husband make an appearance too!
I never thought of that reason! Great take on the topic this week! Love seeing you in the pictures - beautiful family!
Wow, never thought of that, but I do know petknapping is on the rise. So this is a good point.
Love all the photos of you with your dogs! And the reason to get portraits - I wouldn't have thought of that but that's so true!!
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